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Foundation for Advanced Training in Plant Breeding – ATPBR

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The 1st National Conference organized by ‘Foundation for Advanced Training in Plant Breeding – ATPBR,

5F Farming – 2019

The 5F Farming – conference, which was organized by ‘Foundation for Advanced Training in Plant Breeding – ATPBR, was the 1st National Conference held during 10th – 12th January in Aurangabad. This platform has provided an opportunity to industrial experts, scientist, academicians, policy makers, progressive farmers and students to discuss various aspects of food value chain and define the strategies for comprehensive development of plant breeding in 5F domain of agriculture. Here, 5F stand for food, feed, fiber, fuel and fine chemicals.

This event has provided key networking platform to interact with Industrial experts, Policy makers, Scientist, Academician, and other associated stakeholders to witness the power of innovation to deal various existing challenges related to technology integration, knowledge liasoning and value chain regularization. The conference was effective enough to sensitize various stakeholders on how small and medium scale industries can uncap hidden potential of Indian Seed market and how leading research organizations and entrepreneur can participate with industrial partners in varietal development and seed production. From technical presentations to the latest market trends and predictions, 5F Farming had given the recommendation for comprehensive development of crop improvement.

Over 140 persons from 52 Organizations and 9 States had attended the conference which  was remarkable in itself.

The concluding remarks of this conference are:

  1. The successful integration of conventional breeding with molecular/advanced breeding is the only tool for the transformation in agriculture.

  2. Farm mechanization is a powerful tool to minimize the impact of labour crises in India.

  3. Farmers should be more connected to the value chain to get the better proportion of their share/profit

  4. Skill and awareness building program should be essential domain where more attention is required


Agriculture domain can be a successful business domain only when it stands all together. Therefore, it is essential to loud our voice so that it can be heard by policy makers and regulatory bodies for the better alignment towards getting the solution of existing challenges in agriculture. It is proposed to form a ‘SOCIETY’ where motivated people will work together and influence the policy for making a farmer/farming friendly ecosystem for all.

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