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Israeli invents device that can test pesticide residues on food in real time

A sample of the product is placed in Inspecto’s disposable capsule and then inserted into a pushbutton-activated device resembling a coffeemaker. Within a few minutes, the user sees a quantified measurement of the selected contaminant in the sample.

“Using our system will save on cost and turnaround time over the current lengthy and expensive process of sending samples to certified labs,” Avidan tells ISRAEL21c.


Cargill  teams up with global charity Heifer International

Cargill on Monday teamed up with global charity Heifer International to launch an initiative aimed at improving livelihood and nutritional security of millions of people all over the world by promoting poultry.

Under Hatching Hope Global Initiative, they intend to help 100 million people by 2030 through production, promotion and consumption of poultry. As a beginning, the project will target women smallholder farmers in India, Mexico and Kenya, a press statement said.

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But last month Calyxt became the first to commercially debut a gene-edited food, a soybean oil it claims to have made healthier.

Shoppers can’t yet buy the oil, a product of soybean plants that have been edited to produce fewer saturated fats and zero trans fats, but Calyxt’s CEO Jim Blome says people are already eating it. The company’s first client—a restaurant with multiple locations in the Midwest—has begun using the oil to fry, make sauces, and dress salads, as the Associated Press reported last week.


South America's largest egg producer debuts plant-based egg

GFI Brazil has been working with Grupo Mantiqueira, a Brazil-based egg producer, to respond to growing consumer demand for plant-based foods. We are thrilled to share that Grupo Mantiqueira just launched their first plant-based egg product: N.Ovo.

The plant-based egg will be sold in a cardboard carton like their conventional egg products. It is made from pea starch and plant protein. N.Ovo is designed to be a one-to-one swap for eggs used in cakes, bread, and other baking.


Coca Cola taps ethnic drinks market in face of slowing demand for fizzy drinks

Recognising the gradually changing consumer preference for healthier beverages over fizzy drinks, Coca Cola has been moving into the nutrition space for a while now. After launching several products such as Minute Maid Vitingo for micronutrient deficiency, Vio dairy drink and Zico coconut water, among others, the Atlanta-based giant is reportedly now turning to 'desi' drinks like jal jeera and aam panna.

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Why potato farmers in Bengal prefer ‘Pepsi’ over Jyoti

Lapped up by food processors, the variety has a lower yield and costs more to cultivate, but sells for more than double the Jyoti price

For farmers engaged in PepsiCo’s collaborative farming, it is not just about an assured buy-back at pre-agreed prices but also the handholding support extended by the company. Apart from supplying high-quality planting material, the company regularly conducts sessions on capability building for growers; provides training on better agro practices, judicious use of fertilisers, chemicals and water.

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ETPWLA 2019: Divya Kohli of Nestle awarded 'Emerging Leader of the Year'

Divya Kohli, HRBP, Nestle Nutrition and Nestle Healh Science for South Asia Region was awarded 'Emerging Leader of the Year' at the ETPrime Women Leadership Awards (ETPWLA) 2019 in Mumbai Friday. Hailing the virtues of leadership and success, ETPWLA is here to set a benchmark of success for women in business and inspire a million others to come forward and wield the baton of excellence. The awards recognise women leaders who have helped create a new and lasting template for leadership.


Chefs are key ingredient in promoting sustainable food systems for healthy and culturally diversified diets

 Chefs are agents of change in the fight against hunger and malnutrition, and play an important role in inspiring people around the world to support sustainable food production, adopt healthy diets and avoid food waste.  
That was the central message of an international symposium today hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the Government of France, during "Goût de France" week currently being held in Paris.